About Us

Our Story

Heather has been running dogs for 18 years, racing 7 of the years. We have started and completed 4 Iditarods, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2011. Dog mushing is more than just racing to us, it’s a lifestyle. All the dogs that are born here or adopted live out their lives here at the kennel.

Our Mission Statement

Is to make us part of your Alaskan Adventure. Nothing to hold us back but for dogs to pull us forward

The HardCore Huskies Team

Meet the Team and the guys

dog sled

Heather Siirtola

Owner/Lead Musher


Tean Dog
Part of the classic movie star litter


Trail Patrol


Lead Sled Dog
He's an easy going dog that gets along with everybody


Lead Sled Dog
Always excited to go!